• EUSJA News: welcome to Finland! 28. November 2023
    In this Newsletter: A blog by Mari Heikkilä: Let’s stay together, EUSJA General Assembly in Helsinki 13.-15.3.2023 – welcome! News from WFSJ, A blog by Peter Knoll: A lot of Hype about an old Hat, Upcoming events for Science Journalists, News and articles from EUSJA member associations: TELI (Germany): Interview with EUSJA President Mari Heikkilä […]
  • Falling Walls Science Summit Berlin 7.-9.11. 2023 1. Oktober 2023
    Science breakthroughs of the year 2023: Three-day program will include inspiring keynotes, thought-provoking discussions, and exciting pitches from some of the most innovative minds in science and technology, exploring how scientific breakthroughs can pave the way towards a more equitable and sustainable future. For those unable to attend in person, we will be providing opportunities to […]
  • EUSJA news – 28.8.2023 5. September 2023
    How to make better science journalism?           The media landscape is undergoing a big transformation with a new kind of challenges. Declining advertising revenues coupled with the rise of social media platforms have significantly impacted media. Less people subscribe magazines or newspapers, less advertisers pay for advertisement in magazines. Science journalism, in particular, has faced longstanding […]
  • 25.-27.10.2023 IX Conference of Social Communication of Science (CCSC23) 2. September 2023
    The Conference of Social Communication of Science is one of the most important scientific, health and environmental communication and journalism events in Spain. Every two years, it invites more than 400 professionals, including scientific, health and environmental journalists and communicators in the media and social networks, universities, research centres, science museums, public administration and the private […]
  • European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) 26.-29.9.2023 2. September 2023
    Jointly organised with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection, and in collaboration with the European Commission and, for the first time this year, the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, our 26th edition features three thematic tracks. The first, “Building shock-proof systems” will discuss how to shape healthcare […]
  • EUSJA GA and visit to Milano, Italy, 25.-28.1.2023 5. Mai 2023
    26.1. 2023 EUSJA General Assembly -meeting was implemented as in the EUSJA constitution article 4: Assembly (updated version 24.3.2018). In the beginning of the meeting president Jens Degett welcomed the delegates from different countries, some of them were attending via online video call. Degett gave a president’s report about the activities of EUSJA, told about former EU-projects, past […]
  • Heidelberg Laureate Forum 24.-29.9.2023 18. April 2023
    The Heidelberg Laureate Forum is an annual networking conference where 200 carefully selected young researchers in mathematics and computer science have the unique chance to meet distinguished scientists in their fields for one week of interdisciplinary academic dialogue. Attending journalists will have the exclusive opportunity to interview renowned laureates from mathematics and computer science, both […]
  • A Fresh start for EUSJA after pandemics 1. April 2023
    EUSJA GA meeting was held in Milan 26.1.2023. EUSJA delegates from different countries around the Europe were able to meet each other again face to face for the first time after the corona pandemics. During the meeting a new board for EUSJA was formed: Mari Heikkilä, President, Jens Degett, Vice-President, Alberto Pieri, Treasurer, Dino Trescher, […]